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Roots in Us

A tree stands majestic; flourishing with lavish leaves when its roots are well nurtured. But when roots are under-nurtured, it suffers immensely from stresses which aren’t easily seen – all unfolding underneath the surface.

Anxiety, low-mood, and stress are indications of imbalances underneath the surface. They trigger without warning and our internal world is left powerless. We become susceptible to stresses and (as we know,) this escalates.

When we nurture ourselves from the inside out, our life bears the colours of rich roots. We live anchored in the rooted essence of who we are and we connect genuinely with all of life, humans and non.

Radiant Roots

Radiant Roots is an initiative towards this inner presence using the natural intelligence of our mind and body. We learn to stabilise, untangle ourselves & nurture our roots to gradually discover the radiance there.

The journey inwards starts with where we are. It could be in the things we feel tangled in or the things we feel disconnected from. The degree to which we feel affected often serves as the driving force behind our determination.

Collectively and gradually as we grow a presence within, we develop qualities that impact our interactions, society, and our children of tomorrow.

Meditation involves channeling our attention towards an anchor of our choice. By using an anchor such as the breath, a phrase or an imagery, we develop stability and clarity.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation, where we develop attentiveness towards something unfolding in the present moment. It could be our surrounding environment, our breath, sensations, thoughts, or emotions. This takes us out of reactivity and brings up a vantage view of ourselves, from which we get to see the real picture – the underlying patterns, beliefs, and vulnerability underneath the surface. We learn to understand ourselves, expand our capacity, be more present, healthy, and conduct our lives with deeper authority.

While mindfulness and meditation bring expansion to the mind, Body-Mind Regulation (embodiment) encourages awareness of the body’s informative signals. The body speaks in the language of contraction and expansion. Unconsciously leaning on things, hunching, holding our breaths, having dysregulated breathing, etc are ways the body and nervous system reveal what we’re really feeling. Getting in touch with that is often the key to growth.

The nature of 1:1 coaching is such that the journey is accelerated because it is specific to you. Through sessions you gain mind-body education, meditation exercises to take home, non-judgemental support, structure and journalling prompts to help you deepen your presence and wellbeing on a daily basis. All this tailored for matters specific to you. We address any blocks or resistances together and allow the process to unfold organically.

  • Expands your quality of life – to live more fully and freely.
  • Relieves any potential of chronic problems in later years (caused by prolonged stress)
  • Enhances your relationships, consequently affecting the wellbeing of those around you.
  • Impacts (deeply) young ones under your care.
  • Contributes to a healthier economy, when we are mindful of unhealthy consumptions.
  • Eases the strain on our planet, when we purchase things less impulsively, more for necessity and genuine fulfilment.

Booking: One-Off Free Support

Everyone is offered 1 hour free, which can be used as a one-off or as the first session. All are welcome.

Returning Bookings:
1-1 Mindfulness & Embodiment

Book Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly sessions.
If you’re unsure, I’d recommend 8-week blocks.

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