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An Initiative towards Inner & Embodied Wellbeing

When a tree is well-anchored by roots that are healthy and balanced, it holds steady in the storm, bears lavish fruits and thrives. But when roots are under-nurtured, other parts of the tree overcompensate and gradually stretch out. This is true for trees, true for us.

Anxiety, overwhelm, mental exhaustion are our mind and body’s auto-response to situations that are too much for us and needs that are not met by those situations. Our fear centres take over when we are overstretched.

Here at Radiant Roots, you gain:
1. Discovery about the unspoken language of your mind and body,
2. Clarity around survival patterns using Inner Education,
3. Resourcing Practices to meet your needs with ease,
4. Self-assuredness to deepen your connection with self and life.


Photo Credits:
Johannes Plenio on Pexels
Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash