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Supporting you towards
Inner Clarity,
Mental Stability,
& Self-Assuredness

A tree with unsteady roots holds unseen stresses. But with the right soil, environment and microbes, its capacity to re-stabilise and thrive emerges. This very capacity is its superpower – it is already there within the tree.
This is true for trees, and true for us.

Anxiety, overwhelm, mental exhaustion are our mind and body’s response to having needs sitting at a deeper level. Our fear centres take over when we feel alone, judged, rushed, or unworthy. Living in this way can feel strenuous but with the necessary understanding and resources, we open up capacity and tremendous possibilities.

Here at Radiant Roots, individuals gain:
1. Discovery about the unspoken reality of mind and body,
2. Clarity around survival patterns using Inner Education,
3. Resourcing Practices to meet needs with ease,
4. Self-assuredness to deepen connection with self and life.

Self-Worth for Dancers
(Work in Progress)


Photo Credits:
Johannes Plenio on Pexels
Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash