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A tree that looses even one root bears unseen instabilities and stresses. But with the right soil, environment and microbiomes, it reawakens its capacity to thrive. This very capacity is the unsung hero – it is already there within the tree. This is true for trees, and true for us.

Anxiety, Overwhelm, Mental Exhaustion are our mind and body’s response to having unmet needs and untapped possibilities sitting at a deeper level. Our fear centres take over us when we feel alone, judged, rushed, or unworthy. Living in this way can feel truly strenuous but with the necessary understanding and commitment, we open up tremendous possibilities.

Here at Radiant Roots, you will learn: 1. How to resource yourself so you meet your unmet needs with ease, 2. Strengthen capacity for attention and awareness to see things with greater clarity, 3. Gain nuanced understanding of what goes on underneath the surface, 4. Deepen your connection with life.

The three primary areas we would explore are: Mindfulness, Somatics, Mind-Body Education.

Mindfulness is a form of secular meditation. You can see it as a form of strength-training for the brain that can be practiced sitting, walking, or while doing something. Through a sustained practice, the mind learns to see things clearly and the body’s fear-patterns (e.g. anxiety, overwhelm) loosen. Through mindfulness, one is able to evolve healthily, organise one’s inner landscape, and conduct life with fuller authority.

The body’s intelligence serves as an incredibly useful compass where we can’t easily use our mind’s. The body speaks in the language of contraction and expansion. Somatic practices involves attending to felt sensations, and adjusting the body’s experience. Unconsciously leaning on things, hunching, holding the breath are ways the body (and nervous system) reveal underlying states. By changing the body’s experience, the inner experience shifts.

Make sense of your experience. Mind-Body Education involves appreciating the larger context in which one’s stressors exist. This involves understanding characteristic model of the mind, body, relationships, lifestyle, history, or environment and its impact on one’s wellbeing. Education allows us to check our lives are on track and make well-informed choices that support us and those around us

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