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I’m Raneesha, the Founder of Radiant Roots.

I am a mindfulness & meditation coach and an advocate of inner wellbeing. I am also a trained dancer and a software developer.

Radiant Roots is an initiative born out of the interweaving of many streams within my personal life, that of those around me and those before me.

I started exploring the mind-body connection through dance training, where I learned about them philosophically: through mythologies embedded within Indian Arts.

It wasn’t until I felt my own mind and body screaming for help that these philosophies became personal. I had to pull the brakes and take a good look at the anxiety, panic, emotional extremes and more that I had registered as ‘normal’ and swept well under the rug.

This was the turning point, healing was my Everest – deeply challenging, richly empowering. What appeared as anxiety and emotional extremes eventually traced far into ancestral trauma.

Fast forward years later, I am a meditation practitioner, a mindfulness mentor and an advocate of inner wellbeing. Clarity is something I aspire to bring to those I am fortunate to work with in order that we collectively move towards true growth and expansion.

My work is drawn from:

  • Meditation practice: 6 years
  • Indian Arts: 20 years
  • Studies: Neuroscience, Psychology, Trauma, Natural Science
  • Ancient Traditions: Eastern Spirituality
  • Certified in:
    • Neuropsychology*
    • Applied Training of Mindfulness
    • Body Healing*
    • Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing*
    • Emotional Intelligence (In Training)*
      *Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association

Get in touch if you’d like to work together. Here’s to wishing growth and enriching journeys for you too.

My Warmest,