Hi, Welcome ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m Raneesha, the founder of Radiant Roots.

I am a Therapist, Coach and Educator in Trauma, Mental Health and all things Mind and Body.
I am also a dancer, meditation teacher, walker, painter, explorer, and trauma survivor. Somatics and mindfulness are two special modalities I love sharing with others.

Based in Manchester, I work with individuals locally, nationally and abroad.


Radiant Roots is an initiative born out of the interweaving of many streams within my personal life, that of those around me and those before me.

Mind-body connection was introduced to me through Indian Dance training which I have been practicing for 27 years. The art form held rich information about our inward journey.

Parallel to that, as a former software engineer, I was interested in how things fit together, function, and dysfunction. I was interested in analysing root causes which became a key skill applied in my work with clients today.

This understanding took on a new level when my own mind and body began seeking desperate help. The mental and emotional extremes I had registered as โ€˜normalโ€™ and ‘what everyone goes through’ were swept well under the rug.

A history of inter-generational, cultural and collective trauma played a key role. History played a big role in what I absorbed, learned and inherited. Coloniolism and its subtle impact on those before me became apparent in my own thoughts, actions and nervous system. My inner extremes eventually revealed a much bigger picture which required relearning, resourcing, rearranging and rebuilding. I started training in meditation, brain-body modalities, trauma, and more. Unpicking and unlearning became the most interesting thing I did and will continue to do. Fast forward 10 years, I stand as a support for others in community seeking clarity, stability, safeness and aliveness.

The Present

At present, I am a Therapist, Somatic Embodiment Practitioner, Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, and an advocate of Inner Wellbeing.

Professional Memberships:


  • Root Cause TherapyTM
  • Somatic Therapy & Embodied Processing (In Training)
  • Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Level I, II, and III
  • Diploma in Body Healing *
  • Diploma in Neuropsychology *
  • Mindfulness Teaching – The UK College of Mindfulness Meditation, Central England College
  • Professional Applied Training in Mindfulness for Children – British Mindfulness Institute
  • Diploma in Children and Young People’s Mental Health & Wellbeing *
  • Diploma in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (In Training) *

*Accredited by The Complementary Medical Association

Informal Education:

  • Meditation & Mindfulness – 10 years
  • Movement-based body-mind practice through dance – 27 years
  • Somatic Education – 5 years
  • Trauma Education – 5 years
  • Ancient Cultures (Yoga & other ancient cultures) – 30 years

Subspecial Interest:

  • Intergenerational Trauma from Asian Heritage

I understand it’s important for anyone intending to work with me to understand my influences. My work brings together:

  • Present Day Science: Neuroscience, Somatic Regulation (Polyvagal theory), Trauma Education, Earth Science.
  • Ancient Wisdom: Indian Arts, Mindfulness, Tibetan Buddhism, Meditation, Yoga

My work is insured and I undergo regular supervision. While formal training has been imperative for context and knowledge, my daily practices inform my work significantly.

I continue to practice, learn, and evolve each day. The teachings of great teachers, philosophers, mystics, authors, scientists, women, men, and children continue to influence me each day. I am here to use Radiant Roots as a way to contribute back to the past, present and future generations.

If you would like to have a conversation about working together, do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you ๐Ÿ™‚

My Warmest Wishes,
Raneesha Manoharan, MCMA