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I’m Raneesha, the Founder of Radiant Roots.

I am a meditation practitioner, a mindfulness mentor, and an advocate of inner wellbeing. I am also a trained dancer and a software developer.

My work is about extending insights, resources and mentorship to support people stabilise, untangle and reconnect with themselves through mindfulness and body-mind awareness.

Radiant Roots is an initiative born out of the interweaving of many streams within my personal life, that of those around me and those before me. For the most of my journey, I had lived disintegrated, driven by a perpetual state of anxiety. Panic, emotional extremes and more were registered as ‘normal’, I swept them well under the rug.

Then a time came when my internal threshold reached its holding limits – I had to pull the brakes. This was the turning point – healing was my Everest – deeply challenging, richly empowering. This journey was fuelled by years of dance training, meditation and curiosity about the human experience.

Fast forward years later, I am a meditation practitioner, a mindfulness mentor and an advocate of inner wellbeing. Clarity is something I aspire to bring to those I am fortunate to work with in order that we collectively move towards true growth and expansion.

My work is drawn from:

  • Meditation practice: 6 years
  • Indian Arts: 20 years
  • Studies: Neuroscience, Psychology, Trauma, Natural Science
  • Ancient Traditions: Eastern Spirituality
  • Certified in:
    • Neuropsychology*
    • Applied Training of Mindfulness
    • Body Healing*
    • Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing*
    • Emotional Intelligence (In Training)*
      *Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association

Get in touch if you’d like to work together. Here’s to wishing growth and enriching journeys for you too.

With Love,