• 30 Practical Suggestions
  • For Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm and Modern Life demands
  • Drawn from neuroscience, natural science, trauma, meditation, Indian Arts, yoga, personal practice.
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Stress can make life feel overwhelming and we loose touch with what’s true and important to us. When I say stress, I don’t just mean the state of panic, I mean all the things that drive up our survival response such that we loose touch with our authenticity. Frequent stress also impacts our long term health, because of the way our body’s chemistry changes.

Stress and Anxiety require deeper work and support. While this is true, there are also practical things that can support us.

Here’s a booklet with practical suggestions intended to support us from the outside-in; using activities, habits and lifestyle choices that could regulate the mind, body and nervous system to some degree.

I hope you find some useful suggestions in here that supports you with your journey.

My Warmest Wishes,