The pain of losing someone you love is overwhelming.
The challenge is to keep the pain from crushing you.

I’m Raneesha, a Mind-Body Educator, Mindfulness Teacher, Somatic Practitioner, and Wellbeing Coach. I developed this course having seen the impact of grief and loss on people I work with professionally and having grown from grief and loss in own my personal life. Loss can go one of two ways – it can bury us down under, or it can power us towards growth. We can collapse or we can develop muscles we never knew we had. The key component is our willingness to relate to our experience. It can feel difficult, but in a collective atmosphere it becomes a shared experience and not something we have to hold ourselves.

Through this 4-week course, you will build a deeper understanding of your experience, a way to navigate thoughts and feelings, practices to bring clarity into the turmoil, and share space with others with similar experiences. You will build manageable navigation plans that will support you as you move through this fertile time. We will also talk about inspirational stories 🙂

One of the primary things that come with grief and loss is internal chaos. The chaos of confusion behind “what happened” and the chaos within difficult thoughts and emotions. This can lead to an internal collapse, or it can go the other way and lead to overworking – both being natural things the body does in order to help you cope. This course will help you bring some order through several means: education, sharing, stories, supportive atmosphere.

Whether you have lost a relationship through bereavement, separation, desertion or breakup, you may find useful things within this course. This is a resource-building course. It has been intentionally planned for before Christmas, as going into Christmas period with grief can be particularly difficult.

If this course would be beneficial to you or someone you are caring for, then do join us 🙂 I hope you see you there.

With Love,
Raneesha Manoharan, MCMA
Member of the Complementary Medical Association,
Mind-Body Educator, Mindfulness & Somatic Teacher, Wellbeing Coach.

Sessions (tentative)

Week 1 Love & Support
Learn about grief’s primary need: love and support. Gain insight into inspirational stories from human and animal worlds surrounding grief. Explore how you can feel supported (sometimes in unconventional ways).

Week 2 Attachment, Separation and Loss
Explore the impact of grief and loss on thoughts and emotions. Learn about the nervous system’s role and how its hardwork impacts your internal experience. Develop practices that help you rebuild mental and emotional health.

Week 3 Acceptance: Meet Yourself Where You Are
Build a practice of self-awareness and self-acceptance, especially when uncontrollable thoughts and emotions emerge. Gain step by step practice and learn about the separation of thoughts and emotions.

Week 4 Your Bigger Picture
Recall your bigger picture and use this vulnerable, fertile time to reconnect with your life in bigger, deeper ways.

  • Grief Awareness
  • Inspirational stories (human and animals)
  • Practices to reopen mind and body
  • Energy awareness
  • Lifestyle rebalancing
  • Navigation plans
  • Connection with others

Note: This course is a resource-building course for you, and so it will not focus on processing the source of grief i.e. berevement or separation. We may discuss this informally and share resources, but the intention of this course is really to help you gain strength so you can process things from a healthier place.

Covid Precautions

Here are the precautions that will be taken throughout the duration of this course:

  • Sanitizers will be available at the entrance of the Coppice Wellbeing Centre for your use.
  • I will ensure I am sat at a safe distance away
  • Any shared resources (such as pens) will be sanitised for your use
  • I will carry out a lateral flow test on myself before each session

What will you need?

Just you, maybe a pen and notebook.


Your registration will apply for all 4 dates. Once you complete payment, I will personally email you to confirm your place and send you some details. Please do ensure your email address is provided when you pay. Any questions, as always, drop me an email:

Important Note: If you have any relevant conditions, in particular, any serious mental health condition, epilepsy or asthma, please declare this to me in advance. Where requested to do so, please also inform your GP or other medical practitioner that you will be attending these practices.


If there’s anything you wish to ask or clarify, you’re welcome to get in touch with me: