Embodied Wellbeing takes a holistic and conscious approach towards recovery. You meet yourself where you are by exploring, discovering, resourcing and connecting with parts of yourself for clarity.

Anxiety and overwhelming stress are signals from our internal system that things have gone too far, often built up over many years. Our thoughts race, our lives run on autopilot. Our mind and body “appear” to have a life of their own, disconnected from us.

Some examples of our experience may include racing/unwanted thoughts, striving to achieve, imagining the worst, tight routines to avoid the unknown, social anxiety, fear of disappointing others, loss of creativity/adventure, poor sleep, tight jaw, panic/shallow breathing, frequent frowning, hunching, unconsciously leaning or collaping, living in the past or future more than you feel is necessary for you.

1:1 Support

Some of what we can build:

  • Building Self-Worth
  • Stress, autopilot and nervous system awareness
  • Mental grounding: steer the mind from chaos to safeness
  • Mind-Body education: how mind shows up in the body, and how body shows up in the mind
  • Building “Self-Awareness”: the faculty that helps you meet yourself where you are, moment-to-moment
  • Maps and charts of the human inner landscape
  • Clarity: overworking vs undernurtured parts
  • Resourcing practices to self-regulate and stabilise
  • Balance perfection with compassion
  • Lifestyle shifts that boost day-to-day experience
  • Situational Awareness: sort through situations with clarity
  • Expand capacity to hold an experience
  • Orienting towards nourishment

A Way Forward

Mindfulness, Somatics & Mind-Body Education

Anxiety patterns are signs of a hyper-activated survival response that may have built through history. Mindfulness is a form of strength-training for the brain that helps us differentiate real from potential, actual from hypothetical – a practice to see things clearly. When practiced in a nuanced way, it can reveal to us the important parts in us we may have dismissed. It can also be used for sensing into subconscious plays (interoceptive mindfulness), expanding capacity, cultivating self-compassion, pattern-tracking, and inner decluttering.

“The mind is like the wind and the body like the sand: if you want to see how the wind is blowing, you can look at the sand.” -Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. The body’s intelligence serves as an incredibly useful compass where we can’t easily use our mind’s. Somatic practices allows us to bring attention to the ways in which stressors play out in the body, voice, posture, breath. We gain clarity about what’s really going on beneath the surface and explore shifting the body’s experience. By shifting the body’s experience, the personal experience shifts.

Using Mind-Body Education, we expand our appreciation of the larger context in which our stressors exist. This involves understanding characteristic models of the mind, body, relationships, lifestyle, history, environment and its impact on one’s present.

Using Mindfulness, Somatics and Mind-Body Education, we step back from our survival response to live in bigger, deeper, authentic ways.

What You Gain:

  • One to one discussion
  • Practices specific to you
  • Recorded/written meditations (10-20 mins) with guidance
  • Journalling worksheet(s)
  • Ability to schedule and reschedule sessions online

Suitable if:

  • You’re able to set aside time each day for some practice (10-20 minutes)
  • You own a computer with camera and internet (due to Covid19 all sessions are online)


Self-Help books are very useful to open perspective and learn from the wisdom of others. However to make significant shifts, we need to take the journey ourselves – both intellectually and experientially.

Classes offer the environment for regular practice and for sharing mindfulness experiences with others. However in order to make them accessible for all, class settings may not be able to address matters specific to you.

One-To-One sessions address these gaps. You gain the structure and support needed to take a journey that is personal to you. Going deeper is a bit like diving the ocean, it can take a while to orientate, familiarise and appreciate the richness, which is where structure and support is useful.

All three share a common factor: to alleviate our human experience.

Therapy does this by going into state-specific memories from the past to reprocess them. Coaching looks at moving into the future with goal-setting, block-removal and more. (Above are generalised descriptions).

The work here at Radiant Roots is around meeting yourself where you are. This includes acknowledging what drives thoughts and actions on the surface, discovering what’s really going on deeper down, tracking where your body might be overcompensating to meet certain needs, to learn about your limitations, to see your truth with clarity, to meet your needs in more fulfilling ways, to express with authority and self-assuredness and more.

This is personal to each individual 🙂 You can have as few as 8 sessions, as long as 8 months, or a rolling booking depending on your needs. It is recommended that you book a free session to work out what is right for you.

What Others Say

About Me

I explored mind-body work unknowingly in my younger days through Indian Arts (dance) and joined meditation later on as an adult. For the most part, my understanding was intellectual. It was only when my own internal system began seeking help that I really started understanding the bigger picture experientially.

My work today is influenced by Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Somatic Regulation, Natural Science, Polyvagal Theory, Indian Arts, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and more. I am certified in Mindfulness (Adults + Children), Somatic Regulation, Neuropsychology, Body Healing, Children and Young People’s Mental Health & Wellbeing (qualifications & accreditations can be found here). My practice, learning, and evolution continues. The teachings of great teachers, scientists, philosophers, sages, women, men, and children continue to influence me each day. Radiant Roots is a way I contribute back to the past, present and future generations.

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All sessions adhere to Confidentiality

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Important Note: Sessions are not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor, mental health professional, or other health care professionals. Mindfulness and Somatics have the potential to bring positive changes such as information, options and guidance. I provide support to the best of my abilities, but any resulting choices and changes remain the individual’s personal and legal responsibility.