Embodied Mindfulness

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Suitable for Anxiety & Stress


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£17* £40 per session after
(*Reduced price active until end of January 2021)
Recommended: 8-Block Weekly or Biweekly
All sessions adhere to Confidentiality

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress leave us feeling overwhelmed, lost, and inundated with more than we can make sense of.  We do everything we can to get through our day, but rarely feel ourselves living our potential. We strive to fulfil all that is expected of us, but we know little of what’s going on within us. Our mind and body “appear” to have a life of their own, disconnected from us.

Anxiety and overwhelming stress are signals from our internal system that things have gone too far. This happens when our mind and body take on far more than their generous capacity can hold. Our thoughts race, our lives run on autopilot. This overwhelm also exists at the level of our emotions, beliefs, bodies. Unless we actively step in to intervene, these patterns continue.

The Patterns

  • Racing thoughts most of the time
  • Unwanted thoughts that feel upsetting
  • Poor sleep
  • Overachieving
  • Imagining the worst
  • Rumination – thinking over situations repeatedly
  • Loss of creativity/adventure/play
  • Tight routines to avoid the unknown
  • Please and Appease : fear of disappointing others
  • Appear to have fun but experience social anxiety
  • Loss of perspective : out of touch with your bigger picture
  • Dominant Emotion: Fear
  • Bodily Signs: Hunching, unconsciously leaning/collapsing, panic or shallow breathing, constricted upper body movement, frequent frowning, tight jaw.

A Way Forward

Mindfulness, Bodywork & Mind-Body Education

Anxiety patterns are signs of an over-activated survival response. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that relaxes this response and activates one’s presence of mind. Through Mindfulness, we train ourselves to feel steady so even when we’re pulled in different directions, we return to steadiness. We elevate our level of awareness, we understand mental, emotional and energy patterns, and we play with perspective.

The body’s intelligence is incredibly useful to tap into where we can’t easily use our mind’s. We use Somatics (mindfulness of body and movement) to bring attention to the ways in which stressors play out in our body, voice, posture, breath. We gain clarity about what’s really going on for us and explore ways of bringing greater relaxation, awareness and resilience to our experience.

Using Mind-Body Education, we expand our appreciation of the larger context in which our stressors exist. We learn the interconnectedness between mind, body, relationships, lifestyle and natural world. We learn how situations influence us in order to make well-informed choices that support our wellbeing.

Using Mindfulness, Somatics and Mind-Body Education, we get to step back from our survival response to live in bigger, deeper, authentic ways.

Each individual is different. This means there is no one trajectory that fits all. Some individuals may need clarity before steadiness, some may need growth before clarity. Some may need to invest heavily in clarity without touching on growth, some may need a good balance of all. We are each different with the situations and histories we carry so I wouldn’t set a definite trajectory but Steadiness, Clarity and Growth are generally the stages we would work through in our sessions.

What You Gain:

  • One to one discussion about your experience
  • Basics of understanding your experiencing so when it happens again, you’re able to track
  • Practices specific to you with guidance about using them strategically.
  • An understanding of Mindfulness – how the human mind works and how you can benefit from this practice
  • An understanding of Somatics – how the body holds your experience
  • Recorded meditations (10-20 mins) with guidance
  • Journalling worksheet(s) – for self-inquiry and reflection
  • Discussions about resistance/blocks
  • Situational Awareness – deeper dive into problematic situations for clarity and perspective
  • Practical suggestions to create more of what you seek
  • Mind, Body, Nervous System and Energy awareness

Suitable if:

  • You’re able to set aside time each day for some practice (10-20 minutes)
  • You own a computer with camera and internet (due to Coronavirus all sessions are online)


Self-Help books are very useful to open perspective and learn from the wisdom of others. I even offer a list of recommended readings. But to make significant shifts, we need to take the journey ourselves – not intellectually, but experientially.

Classes offer the environment for regular practice and the lovely experience to meditate with others. But in order to make them accessible for all, class settings may not be able to address matters specific to you.

One-To-One sessions address these gaps. You gain the structure and support needed to take a journey that is personal to you. Going deeper is a bit like diving the ocean, it can take a while to orientate, familiarise and appreciate the richness, which is where structure and support is useful.

Mindfulness certainly brings therapeutic effects, tough it is not officially categorised as therapy. It is used in many therapy models but has origins in ancient traditions that have been made secular.

This is personal to each individual. You can have as few as 8 sessions or as long as 8 months worth of sessions! It is recommended that you book a free session to work out if this is right for you and thereafter 8 weekly/biweekly/monthly sessions.

What Others Say

I started having Mindfulness Sessions with Raneesha just after the national confinement, as this triggered a lot of anxiety. I feel much calmer, less anxious with a deeper understanding of how to deal with problems without anger, frustration, resentment and nervousness. I was amazed as what she explained made total sense to me.

“I feel in control of my life with its various events, focused on tasks and my daytime management, and in my own emotions now. People close to me have even noticed a difference.
Warm, focused, kind, professional, good listener.

Raneesha brings clarity to ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’  in a way that is very real and true. It helps me see things in a clear way. There’s an untangling method I learned that helps me very much in difficult work situations. I have been using it and am able to handle things much better. I really learned a lot.

My Why

In my own life, mindfulness and meditation has helped me transform from an anxious person with an ancestral history of trauma to someone with clarity over pretty much most things now. The journey from where I was to where I am was a tough ride but I got here and I wish to help others do the same, with some structure. I am doing this because I see the collective turmoil we all live in. Anxiety is more common than we think, and until we do something about it, it will continue to accumulate and pass down the generations. This is not something I wish to see and with all the knowledge, experience and understanding I’ve gathered, I wish to ease our collective pain so we can care for ourselves, our relationships and our planet. More than that, we can move towards bigger, inclusive ways of living.

I explored mind-body work unknowingly in my younger days through Indian Arts (dance) and joined meditation later on as an adult. If there was one thing I wished for on my meditation journey, it was personal guidance. My work today is influenced by Neuroscience, Natural Science, Trauma Education, Psychology, Indian Arts, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Eastern Philosophy. I am certified in Mindfulness for Adults, Mindfulness for Children, Neuropsychology, Body Healing, Children and Young People’s Mental Health & Wellbeing. My learning continues. I live a life today that feels empowering, creative and fascinating and wish to help others find their version of this.

Still Thinking?

Book 1 free session.

Free sessions are an opportunity for useful, meaningful conversations. They include: suggestions to try, clarity and understanding.

First booking free
£17* £40 per session after
(*Reduced price active until end of January 2021)
Recommended: 8-Blocks Weekly or Biweekly
All sessions adhere to Confidentiality

Important Note: Sessions are not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor, mental health professional, or other health care professionals. Mindfulness has the potential to bring positive changes such as information and guidance. I provide support to the best of my abilities, but any resulting choices and changes remain the individual’s personal and legal responsibility.