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Struggling with anxiety, stress, circling thoughts, worry, nervousness, lack of sleep or feeling trapped/lethargic with the impact of the recent pandemic is reasonable and in fact our mind and body’s intelligent way of responding to a crisis. However when we resist or push our distresses away, they often escalate – either to a different time or in a different form. When we pay deeper, nurturing attention however, they soften. Over time, our creative faculties begin to gather strength and we find our own solutions.

Conversation streams are open for anyone wanting to seek support, express how this is affecting you, and explore possibilities suited to you. Support is offered from the perspective of mindfulness meditation and body-mind awareness.

This is a one-off free session for you to gain some tools and support. Ongoing sessions are available at a cost, however you are not obliged to this.

Sessions may include one or more of the following:

  • Explore where you are
  • Gain clarity of your experience. Sometimes understanding the ‘why’ is a solution in itself.
  • Explore short term, medium term and long term solutions suited to you.
  • Learn mindfulness or meditation practices
  • Build a healthy, compassionate relationship with yourself
  • Feel encouraged and supported with inner blocks

Sessions are informal and aimed at enhancing our state of wellbeing at this time of uncertainty.

Medium: Zoom / Skype
Cost: Free
Frequency: One-Off
All sessions adhere to Confidentiality

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Requirements: Sessions will be conducted online over the web. As such it is essential that you have access to internet.

Disclaimer: Please note, sessions are not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor, mental health professional, or other health care professionals. Mindfulness sessions have a potential to bring positive changes such as information or guidance. I provide support to the best of my abilities, but any resulting choices and changes remain the individual’s personal and legal responsibility.