A Conversation for IT Teams

Problem-solving is fun and fulfilling. However, problem-solvers commonly struggle from stress, overwhelm, mental exhaustion, anxiety and depression. As a result, problem-solvers struggle to switch off after work, lose perspective when juggling multiple requests, and feel lethargic in their bodies.

Introducing wellbeing interventions and simple habit shifts have already proven to be successful and is being employed by some of the world’s most forward thinking companies.

Whoami. I am an IT Professional myself – more about me below. I am also a Mind-Body Education Facilitator, a Mindfulness Teacher and a Somatics (Body-Based Awareness) Practitioner. I offer training and conversations at work to help teach methods of relaxation for the mind and body. I’m based in Manchester and travel around the area to deliver these in person and on zoom.
I’m a member of the Complementary Medical Association and licensed by MindfulnessNow. My work is Trauma-Informed.

A Way Forward

Through bitesize suggestions, resources and education around the underlying workings of mind and body specific to IT Professionals, employees are able to learn targetted practices suitable for those in this profession. These practices improve work-life balance, stress management, creativity enhancement and empathetic connection.

Here are some potential topics:

  • An effective way to wind down after work:
    Simple targetted practices to wind down effectively after work, giving the problem-solving mind a well-deserving break. Gain understanding and easy hacks to help the mind and body pause.
  • Bringing balance to the life
    Learn about the common imbalances IT Professionals experience and how this affects productivity. Learn simple practices to rebalance.
  • Navigating difficult times
    Understand what happens to our ‘internal bandwidth’ when we’re navigating particular personal challenges and how to navigate them with care while working.
  • Practical tips
    Other practical tips that could boost mental stability and clarity in subtle ways.
  • Mindfulness Practice
    1 mindfulness practice that can be practiced anytime to return to present moment. Where our brain’s autopilot can solve some incredibly complex problems, it can often also take off on a tangent of its own and mental processes then freeze up – that’s when one can no longer solve creatively. Mindfulness is a practice that brings us back to present moment and this frees up space in our autopilot for better, clear thinking.

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