Mental Health and IT Workforce – Statistics


of the tech workforce are concerned about their mental health with 1 in 3 reporting deterioration

8 in 10

of the tech workforce say their roles became more complex since the pandemic


of the tech workforce are more burned out working from home than when they worked in an office

Working with IT Companies,
Improving Employee Wellbeing

At the heart of IT organisations are its employees.

IT Professionals are bright-minded people who make incredible solutions possible. But bright minds need support too. Drawing from my experience as an IT Professional, I work with IT companies to enhance the wellbeing of employees. Together we work to address wellbeing challenges in order to prevent long term mental health conditions, spot early signs of deterioration, and promote healthy quality of life.

Benefits of Wellbeing Interventions

  • Happier Workforce
  • Improved Work Quality
  • Social Care & Purpose
  • Reduced Sickness
  • Improved Job Retention
  • Enhanced Team Connection

Wellbeing is gradually being embraced by many forth-coming companies. It is a developing culture that is proven to strengthen the resilience and quality of life of people behind the organisation. Organisations benefit from happy employees, long term loyalty and creative innovation.

Compromised wellbeing may not show up in obvious ways. Some employees externalise stress which becomes apparent when outbursts occur, and some internalise them and struggle silently. Life often presents its challenges too which many tend to try and ‘power through’ but the human body and mind require a different set approach when navigating significant transitions, which wellbeing interventions help with.

I am a Therapist and Coach, specialising in Somatics and Mindfulness for Wellbeing. I am also an IT Professional like you, with work experience in programming, service delivery, consultancy, lab research, and web development.

Wellbeing has been at the heart of my personal practice for more than three decades. My work is informed by both my personal and professional journeys.

Wellbeing Interventions:
Mindfulness and Body-Based Practices for Wellbeing
Neuroscience & Nervous System Awareness for IT Professionals
Brain & Body Hacks for Stress Release
Healthy Habits
Self-Regulation and Emotional-Regulation
Recognising Trauma at Workplace
Working through Loss and Life Transitions

“Without these interventions, I would have no doubt had to take time off work. On the contrary I’m now happy and excited about work and life.”

“Raneesha creates a calm, relaxed environment that it becomes deeply transformative. You feel safe, held, and heard. I have found a piece of myself once lost. It has been self care at its best and the wisdom offered will be carried throughout my life.”

Services and Programmes

Wellbeing 1:1 Check-in

– 1:1 conversation with employees about their wellbeing
– Resources to take away
– Clarity, tools, practices, perspective
– Develop a wellbeing plan
– Suitable for Employees & Managers
– Onsite (Manchester & surrounding areas) or Virtual (all areas)


– Mindfulness sessions for employees
– Sustained practice for long term effectiveness
– Reduce overwhelm
– Strengthen mental focus and clarity
– Practices to stay centred
– Onsite (Manchester & surrounding areas) with virtual options

Educational Talks & Custom Workshops for Wellbeing

Examples include:
Destress & Reset
Connecting with Values
Staying Focused: Lessons from Wildlife
Building Genuine Relationships
Express Ideas Authentically

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