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Did you know, that 90% of our stress responses can be reduced using the body? And the other 10% using our mind and lifestyle shifts. This is because most of our stress responses happen subconsciously in the body, even before we are aware of it.

Stress, overwhelm, mental exhaustion, anxiety and low mood are the body’s internal response to imbalances that are under-resourced. What happens in the mind and body, with the right interventions, can be tuned towards health and balance.

The pandemic significantly impacted the tech industry in that tech professionals executed more complex jobs. Following the pandemic, the top three causes of stress within the Tech Industry were identified:

Not having any time to personally switch off (46%)

Worrying about losing job (41%)

‘Always on’ technology (33%)

This brings a financial impact on companies and health impact on employees. It affects projects, targets, employees and their families.

Wellbeing interventions are simple hacks and habits that have already proven to be successful and is being employed by some of the world’s most forward thinking companies.

I had the privilege of attending the workshop conducted by Raneesha. The workshop was amazing. We can see the hard work put in by Raneesha to develop these tools which are so effective. I especially liked the voice empowerment session. I practice it whenever I have to attend important meetings. Thanks Raneesha for your sessions.
-Revati Bothe, Semiconductor Professional

Raneesha creates such a calm, relaxed environment that it becomes deeply transformative. You feel safe, held, and heard. She is a remarkable teacher, giving the time and nurture needed for students to flourish. Learning from her is a gift. One that keeps giving with time too. By learning with her, I have found a piece of myself once lost. It has been self care at its best and the wisdom offered will be carried throughout my life. Thank you Raneesha!
– Alex Clarke, Writer

Wellbeing Interventions

Wellbeing Interventions are simple practices that help your team solve problems creatively, connect with one another, concentrate, navigate high-intensity situations, sleep, rest, and feel fulfilled in their role. The fundamental principle behind this is to recognize when the body and mind are in survival, and developing a practice to be self-aware and present each moment.

A Talk for your Team

Learn targetted practices suitable for this profession. These practices improve work-life balance, stress management, creativity enhancement and empathetic connection.

It would be ideal to get to know the needs of your team and create tailored solutions, but here are some topics for suggestion:

  • Releasing Stress from the Body:
    Simple targetted practices to release stress trapped in the body that affect future actions.
  • Stress Soothing
    The body’s stress response and hacks to bring it back towards a balanced state
  • Mindfulness
    Developing a practice that brings you back to present moment, freeing up mental space for clear thinking.
  • Lifestyle Habits
    5 lifestyle habits that will improve your ability to work and why

I am a Mindfulness, Somatic Embodiment and Wellbeing Coach. I am also a former software developer and service delivery consultant i.e. a Tech Professional like you. I know that for tech professionals, our minds are our greatest asset but this can have a dark underside – that we think too much and we find it hard to switch off. Through hacks and interventions, we can prevent burnout, chronic stress, anxiety, depression and more. We can create a culture of wellness, fulfillment, innovation, and empowerment.

Raneesha Manoharan, MCMA
Member of the Complementary Medical Association
Licensed by MindfulnessNow
Mental Health FIrst Aider

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