Technological advancements have immensely benefited us all over the world, a big thanks to those behind it. But advancements come with a cost, and sometimes to those behind the screens.

IT Professionals tend to enjoy problem-solving interesting tasks though often work long hours, suffer from work-life imbalance, bear high pressures and find themselves moving from one project to the next without much space to self-regulate. This could potentially have a long-term effects on one’s health if stress hormones are continuously firing off in the background. Cellular energy and therefore integrity are also affected if one’s creative, emotional, relational fulfillments are suppressed.

As an IT Professional myself, I am aware of the lifestyle IT professionals live. More about me below. This questionnaire is intended to gather information from other IT professionals. I would like to create a wellbeing plan for IT professionals and if you are one, I’d love to hear from you. Your contribution will hopefully benefit you, other IT professionals, the IT industry, and the families of IT professionals in ways that may be small or large, depending on how things go, and this is the first step towards that. 

Please know that all answers adhere to confidentiality and anonymity.
Approximate time: 10 minutes

Describe some of the things you do in your role for example development, testing, people management, etc.
Consider: nutritions, organ health, movement, workout, bodily strength
Consider: health of thought patterns, clarity, perspective, stability, mental health, mental rest
Consider: sense of meaning, purpose, connection, enjoyment, healthy emotional movement
Consider: relationships, friendships and community that are nurturing towards you
Consider: fulfillment from trying new things, getting creative, exploring
Consider: time, involvement and fulfillment in nature
Consider: what drew you towards it, and in what ways does it fulfil you / your needs.
You’re welcome to describe areas of this profession that you find affects you in small or big ways
Coping mechanisms can be healthy or unhealthy. E.g. Talk about it, immerse in a hobby, place healthy boundaries, exercise, meditate, deep work, outdoors, alcohol, TV, social media, binge-eating, outburst, or none.
An opportunity to expand on the list above or add other factors that affect your wellbeing and sense of self
E.g. Understanding impact of work-life imbalances on the brain, body, and long-term health, learning ways to restore balance, methods to regulate stress before & after stressful events.
Choose multiple.
Choose multiple.

If you know of others who may be willing to contribute to this questionnaire, please do consider forwarding 🙂

About Me

I am a Mindfulness and Somatics Practitioner. I am also an IT professional (part time) and a dancer. After earning a degree and masters in software, I worked with international IT companies. About 7 years ago I decided to go part time and began my research in dance and arts. That research, coupled with some life events, led me to meditation and mind-body work. That’s (briefly) how I got here 🙂 I’m now committed to support individuals find their version of health, wellbeing, and self-realignment. More about me here. Thank you for your time in answering this questionnaire, every contribution counts. I appreciate this very much.
Thank you again.
– Raneesha