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Classes are currently paused due to venue logistics, apologies for this. You’re still welcome to register your interest.

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Beginner Level
For Adults & Children ages 6+

What you learn

Basic steps and rhythmic patterns

Small compositions

Beautiful repertoires

Rhythmic play

Body awareness and isolation

Embodied grounding and mindfulness

Self-Awareness & Self-discipline through movement

Embodied Structure & Fluidity

Mind-Body Centring

And much more!

Where and When

3-4pm Every Sunday
Ascension Church, Hulme 
282 Stretford Rd, Manchester M15 5TQ 
(Entrance via red doors opposite Munchies Kebabs)
There is a courtyard just outside. 
Note: Google Maps may take you round the back door (which you will know when you see it!)

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Odissi Example


Absolutely. All are welcome, this is an open level class. If you have never danced before, you are welcome. If you are an experienced dancer in odissi or other fields, you are welcome – I’ll add more intricate bits for experienced dancers.

Anything comfortable in which you can stretch easily. Yoga pants, tracksuits, whatever works. If you’re not sure come join us anyway and I can offer you suggestions.

If you happen to have cotton indian suits, you might find that comfortable. It might also shift you into character. I often find myself dancing better in indian suits as that’s how it’s done traditionally and puts me mentally into that space. But again, whatever is available to you and you feel most comfortable in.

Water! And a notebook – sometimes we cover rhythms and theory. Don’t worry about this for the first few classes but if you stick around for the long term, a notebook would be beneficial for your learning.

About Odissi

Odissi is a beautiful and lyrical dance style that draws its movements from ancient temple sculptures. It originates from the state of Odisha, India, and is believed to be the oldest surviving classical dance. It plays with rhythm, melody, lyrics and mythologies – told through footwork, hand gestures, body stance and facial expression.

Like yoga, odissi and all other classical dances were originally designed with a single goal in mind: human wellbeing. Through the body’s energy and mental qualities cultivated, we come into alignment with the deepest expression of ourselves through awareness and creative immersion. More information about both theory and practice of Odissi will be shared in classes.

My Story

I responded to music from a young age and was placed in training (Bharatanatyam) 27 years ago. There was always something about music that would take me on a journey somewhere but I was unaware of this. All I knew was that my body seemed to know more than me, and I followed its course. I trained, performed, choreographed, mentored, and took my exams, but a decade ago my dancing took a different turn.

On my graduation performance in 2013 (Arangetram), after 9 months of rigorous training, I had an unusual peak experience onstage. At that point, it was evident there was a mystery to dancing – there was more to it than fun, hobby or entertainment. It sounds fairly obvious, but after an experience like that, it’s throws you on a journey of discovery.

Following that, I switched into a part time job and spent time researching dance origins, ancient architectures, and symbolic mythologies. All reasearch materials led to one common ground: the human inner journey.

Credits: Image by Simon Richardson, Duet with Sheeba Taneja

Meditation, bodywork, somatic embodiment, trauma recovery, metaphysics, ancient world cultures became central to my journey. The journey has been immensely rich….and I look forward to sharing this with you 🙂


I currently learn Odissi from Smt Parvati Rajamani of Ananda Arts. Prior to that I learned from Mitali Dev (Nrityakunj) and Elena Catalano (Bhumidance). Apart from Odissi, I also trained in Bharatanatyam (from South India) under The Temple Of Fine Arts Malaysia then with Guru Chamundeswari Pani (Newcastle). I also love latin dancing and am studying Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

Through the course of my dancing journey I have been involved with Tourism Malaysia, ITV, Sony TV, Kalapremi, Sampad, Gemarts, Temple of Fine Arts, Kalasangam, Newcastle University, Durham University, Northumbria University, and Ananda Arts.

I look forward to welcoming you 🙂

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