Radiant Roots

The Analogy:  When a tree is well-anchored by roots that are healthy and evenly spread for balance, it thrives, holds steady in the storm, and bears fruits that nourish life around it. Nurtured roots allow also for communication, support and healthy competition through intricate underground fungi network, all of which orient the individual tree and its collective habitat towards growth. But when roots are under-nurtured or imbalanced, trees suffer immensely from stresses which aren’t easily seen – all unfolding underneath the surface. This is true for trees, true for us.

What we see on the surface – anxiety, overwhelm, stress – are surface symptoms of underlying imbalances. Radiant Roots is an initiative towards unearthing subtler mental and emotional imbalances using the natural intelligence of our mind and body.

This allows us to open up to all of life, humans and non. Collectively and gradually, we also develop qualities that impact our interactions, society, and our children of tomorrow.