Battling Isn’t Always Heroic: Instincts Of A Spider

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Many years ago I had the mammoth task of capturing a big spider.It was about 2am when the big boy appeared.Back then I found them terrifying.I moved the sofas around to get a clearing but he worked out he was in … Read More

Returning Habits

As the dust settles and we acclimatise being more indoors, keep an eye out for unhelpful habits that we may have invested time in shifting. Unhelpful thought patterns, oversleeping, and any old habit that we once worked to shift out … Read More

Mindfulness and How it Works

Mindfulness emerges when we’re in the present moment with felt awareness. To understand mindfulness better, it’s sometimes easier to contemplate it’s inverse: mind-wandering. Mind-wandering occurs when we’re caught in thoughts or emotions of the past or future. It’s something we … Read More

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