Returning Habits

As the dust settles and we acclimatise being more indoors, keep an eye out for unhelpful habits that we may have invested time in shifting.

Unhelpful thought patterns, oversleeping, and any old habit that we once worked to shift out of has a small chance of return. They simply require some attentive re-tuning. Re-tuning them will bring back a sense of aliveness and ownership over our lives.

To understand how this unfolds- as our external stimuli fade, an internal radar scans for alternatives. It looks into old memories and finds patterns that once kept us ticking along (i.e. they are seen as safe). Before we know it, we slip into them; feeling restless enough to engage yet uncomfortable that we’re doing so. Even though the habit itself may be unhelpful, it ultimately is an internal protective mechanism that has been recorded as the safe go-to.

To shift out of this and return to equilibrium, it’s important for us to become aware of it and our level of discomfort towards it. Not all habits are unhelpful.
To re-tune:

  • Acknowledge this habit/pattern as a protective mechanism.
  • Find 3 lovely things to acknowledge about yourself and your surroundings. Truly contemplate so it’s not a superficial acknowledgement.
  • Take 2 breaths as a pause every time you find yourself moving into an old habit/pattern.
  • Find 1 thing you could do to break the chainE.g. Talking to someone about things that are important to you such as an ambition, a plan, an untapped interest, an interesting subject.

This time of restricted movement holds the potential to help us know ourselves.

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