3 Different Ways to Problem-Solve

Logically: by Thinking 
Intuitively & Creatively: by Interocepting, Sensing, Tracking
Passively: by Dismissing, Doing Nothing, Trusting.

For most of us we try to solve things the most common way – logically. But by tapping into other modes, we relieve the pressure off our logical minds. Here are a few ways to explore.

1. Thinking : works best for logical problems. It draws solutions from known patterns (habits), memory, calculates obstacles, and dishes out the quickest way to get from Point A to point B. This is useful for chronological and process-oriented problems which doesn’t involve your sense of self. 

2. Intuitive and Creative: this uses more of the body, tapping into subtler levels of intelligence. We Interocept the way our bodies respond to situations, sense into contractions/expansions, stay with them long enough to extract their information, and bring in a bit of Logical thinking to make sense of it at the end. Useful for decisions that affect our sense of self, social bondings, sensing into deeper purpose and meaning. This also is where we tap into ‘our bigger picture’. 

3. Passive: this is a little more vague – it involves doing nothing which sometimes brings up insight, dismissing it for another time, or trusting that it will get solved without our active intervention. Useful for problems that are too big for us right now, too vague, or too out of reach for the moment. 

For most of us we do try to solve things the most common way – logically. Could some of our matters be solved in any of these other ways? 

Food for thought 🙂