I Trust

  • I trust the sun to rise and set in a steady rhythm, helping all of life on earth. The sun that creates brightness, helps creatures look for food, stops earth from turning into ice, provide food to plants, warm our seas, stir our atmosphere, generate our weather patterns.
  • I trust the moon to wax and wane, supporting all of life, especially creatures heavily dependant on the lunar cycle.
  • I trust the earth to rotate without wobbling on its axis, giving my fellow humans steady seasons for our crops to grow.
  • I trust the space to have sufficient oxygen for all to breathe.
  • I trust we won’t be flying into space thanks to gravity!
  • I trust we will be protected from harmful sunrays by earth’s atmosphere

  • I trust my home to keep me and all within it safe from harm.
  • I trust the accessibility of electricity and water in our neighbourhoods, and how wonderful that all I need to do is use my fingers to turn on a tap or switch.
  • I trust traffic lights to work as they should, and I drive safely because they do.
  • I trust important letters and purchases to reach me as they should, thanks to the post system
  • I trust the kettle to boil to the right temperature for my morning tea/coffee.
  • I trust that spoon of sugar to bring the right sweetness (and trust that no one’s swapped sugar for salt!)

  • I trust my body to know what to do with the food I consume.
  • I trust these legs to take me to places and trust these hands to bring me what I need by commanding them with just a thought.
  • I trust fingers to type without having to look at the keyboard
  • I trust smiles and soft eyes to express through my face what I may not say with words
  • I trust this nose to filter out particles from entering my body.
  • I trust this body to carry out tasks each day that are phenomenally complex, requiring the coordination of dozens of muscles and firing of thousands of nerves.

I trust so much already, unknowingly.
And perhaps so do you.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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  1. Sam
    | Reply

    This is so much deeper for me than at first reading. I’m starting to see things everywhere. It’s amazing and feeds into an attitude of gratitude, joy, trust, confidence. It really penetrates deeply. Thank you for this insightful piece Raneesha 🙏🏼❤️

  2. Sue
    | Reply

    I’ve discovered just how wonderful nature is and watching the natural world continue to thrive as normal has really helped me through this. Love your words. Thank you.

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