You Matter

Hi. I am Sephora.
You know me as an ant.
I live in the woods. I work hard.
In an unbroken rhythm, pausing only here and there for rest.
A lot like you, fellow humans…
From the time you wake to the time you unwind and rest.

My life matters to me.
It’s why I run for cover every time I sense danger.
It’s why I have defence strategies.
It’s why I pull on friends and push on foes.
Because my life matters to me.
To me and each of my friends, our lives matter.
Individually and collectively.
But…we are tiny.
So insignificant in comparison to you, my human friends.

If we matter, then so do you.
You matter.
Don’t disappear yourself away.
Don’t dismiss yourself.
Imagine if every ant decided they didn’t matter.
Imagine the chaos on the planet.
We each matter.
Individually and collectively.
You Matter.

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash