Image by Jose R. Cabello from Pixabay

Have there been many instances in your life – past or present – when relationship dramas have deeply affected you? Relationship dramas can truly impact one’s wellbeing and ability to be present.

Dramas are often triggered by cracks that are deep rooted.
There’s a saying that goes, “Where there is drama, there is trauma”.

As much as dramas bring many harmful complications, there is one quality that it hones: Sensitivity.

Dramas in fact, do not affect all.
It affects the most sensitive.

The deeper one’s sensitivity, the more one picks up the small details.
Sensitivity clocks the little things…
Picking up unsaid words, the violation of something vulnerable, a subtle nonverbal expression…In a dramatic situation, these nuances are drawn out of us but with it, the intensity of fear. When we sit through them unconsciously, they impact us in profound ways.

The intensity of fear in dramatic situations do not help. It can be distressing. Fear is the reason we think about those situations endlessly. It is the reason we impulsively want to run away from it, lash out or dissociate. This can feel truly debilitating in a highly charged environment.

But fear can be transformed. If you notice, fear is a trembling energy. It often seeks clarity. Clarity can bring you the power to do something purposeful and useful about the dramas that unfold in your life. Clarity reveals the deeper picture and tells you what you need to do about it – speak up, leave it, perhaps make some changes in your life. Fear is the quality to shed and transform.

Sensitivity, however, is the quality to hone. It is intricate and elaborate. Don’t loose this. Harness it, use it in a way that serves you. It’s a source of creativity and expression.

The greatest artists are sensitive to the smallest details – that’s why they paint/write/create intricately. It’s why they make careful choices with colours and words.
Sculptors are sensitive to the details of their carvings.
Architects are sensitive to the details of their vision.

Sensitivity extends into all of Nature.
Elephant trunks are able to pick up the scent of water from miles away and distress messages from one another from 20 miles away.
Wild predators are sensitive to moonlight – they hunt best on new moon nights.
Plants are sensitive to light – a plant placed in a dark box will somehow grow its way to the tiniest stream of light.

Sensitivity can be honed in a way that serves us. It brings out the little nuances around us that we may otherwise miss.

Have there been many instances of dramas in your life?
It may have affected you and your wellbeing.
Those situations do not help, but the sensitivity they may have honed are worth nurturing.
It’s worth now seeing those situations clearly and use your sensitivity for greater, more enriching purposes.