Getting Rid Of vs Digging Into

When an unpleasant experience comes up and it reaches a certain threshold, it’s quite often you may find yourself (or others) ask questions:

“How do I get rid of anxiety”
“How do I get rid of chronic stress”
“How do I get rid of my thoughts”
“How do I get rid of my fears and feelings”

…or along those lines.

I too once asked those questions.

It can be tempting to want to get rid of these experiences quickly (and when something is quick, it often works in the way of suppression). Perhaps through substances or even workaholism. But as soon as these suppressors are lifted, unpleasant experiences return. 

Here’s an image of how this unfolds: 

As you can see, the cycle continues downward. So what if you switched the question and instead of suppressing, you seek to dig into

“What am I really experiencing in this moment?”
“What are my mind, body and inner landscape communicating with me?” 
“What accumulation of events have led to my feeling what I feel right now?” 
“With these accumulation of events, does it make sense that I experience this?”

Here’s an image of how this could unfold:

And here is where the cycle continues in an upward direction.

Our mind and body are nature’s masterpiece. Scientists are yet to find anything in this universe that is as complex, sophisticated and intricate as our human mind and body. Which means if the inner landscape is sending out alarm bells, there may be more to it than we think.

The more you pay attention to the questions you’re asking, the more you discover how you might be subconsciously looking at the problem. And the more you ask questions differently, the more you may discover a magical land that lives within you and around you. 

Food For Thought 馃檪

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