It is sometimes easy to invalidate our battles when we see the gravity of others’. But when we invalidate our battles, we invalidate the very part of us once embraced, will bring us strength and resources to make a difference to the battles of so many.

We grow when we create a relationship with our battles.
When we stop turning a deaf ear towards them.
When we invite them in and listen.
When we gradually realise they are part of our team.

A battle is only a battle when something knocks (or bangs) against the door and we keep it shut, resisting.
Except, we don’t know who’s knocking.
It could be ‘Connection’ behind that door, asking for belonging.
It could be ‘Purpose’. Or ‘Grief’.
It could be ‘Past’ mixed with ‘Present’ asking for clarity, to make sense of its confusion.
It could be ‘Exasperation’ desperate to confess ‘I sure don’t know what to do about this’.
It could be ‘Panic’ or ‘Overwhelm’ desperate to show us it’s long list.
It could be ‘Worry’.
The longer we keep those doors shut, the louder they get, the longer they stretch.
And we know the feeling when a door is constantly knocking (or banging).
We don’t put up with that in real life,
we shouldn’t do in ourselves.

Every battle has its place.
That of others, as much as our own.
It goes to show how complex, intricate and connected we are individually and collectively.

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