“You feel safe, held, and heard. Raneesha creates such a calm, relaxed environment that it becomes deeply transformative. She is a remarkable teacher, giving the time and nurture needed for students to flourish. Learning from her is a gift. One that keeps giving with time too. By learning with her, I have found a piece of myself once lost. It has been self care at its best and the wisdom offered will be carried throughout my life.”
– Alex Clarke, Writer

“I feel much calmer, less anxious with a deeper understanding of how to deal with problems without anger, frustration, resentment and nervousness. I was amazed as what she explained made total sense to me.

I feel in control of my life with its various events, focused on tasks and my daytime management, and in my own emotions now. People close to me have even noticed a difference.”
Therapy Client

The essence of session – reconnecting with body with love, kindness and gratitude – is an invaluable gift transmitted with the most gentleness, honesty and sincerity.

Talking also about emotional nerve endings and muscles is something you instinctively then realize. It’s so powerful. Not just the message but the methodology and mannerism that we learn on so many levels.

The way you delivered – teaching differently and relating afterwards like you’re not separate from those of us learning. “Active listening” – where you’re not delivering from your own world but very much actively present with all of us listening. 
Parvati Rajamani, Ananda Arts

She has so much to share about the practise of somatics and meditative mindful practises which she has learned over a lifetime. I have seen first hand how joyfully she is able to convey these practices and knowledge to adults and children alike. She recently shared her knowledge with our Odissi dance school in Bedford for young children and adults alike, who were all able to incorporate some aspect into their dance and life. I recommend working with her, it could change your life.
– Nisha Somasundaram

“Each session gives me very simple tools, which I can use in a few minutes and in any place to feel safe and centered on the heart rather than fear. Today’s session allowed me to completely relax my body after a very emotionally difficult event and to feel my back relieved by the support of the ground. So simple and effective.”
– participant of Tools for Wellbeing Workshop

“I could listen to my body for the first time”

– participant of A Creative Future: Role Of The Body

“I loved this. For me it’s a perfect way to bridge the gap of how the body can follow the mind once the mind is in an elevated state”

– participants of A Creative Future: Role Of The Body

“So simple yet so deeply beautiful”
– participants of A Creative Future: Role Of The Body

“Empathetic and intelligent, pragmatic and sensitive, a gem really. Thank you Yinka Banto for introducing her to us”

Google Review

“I can’t recommend Raneesha enough – she is kind, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. She helped me work thorough some difficult personal issues and gave me tools to help me going forwards”

Google Review

“Raneesha delivered an amazing wellbeing session for our team today. The feedback from staff was really positive”

Google Review

“A lady with a beautiful heart & empowering teachings”

Google Review

“I recently attended the 6 week mindfulness course and cannot recommend it highly enough. Raneesha supported me to learn about my htoughts and feelings and how they affect my behaviour and wellbeing. In the safe space created by Raneesha, I felt comfortable to explore and reflect on how mindfulness could change these for the better, The group was a very wonderful experience which I think would benefit everyone”

Facebook Review

“This course is different from other mindfulness programs because Raneesha takes on a different approach that opens up the mind and it is completely unique and way out of my expectations. More importantly, it is doable, only 10 minutes needed or less and it helps me to be persistent in the course. I’m learning more about myself with each exercise. If you ask me, highly recommended”

Facebook Review

“A very good group promoting self improvement and growth. Lots of tools and exercises presented. A very generous and compassionate host. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

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