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“Being frightened means that you live in a body that is always on guard.”

– Bessel van der Kolk, The Body Keeps The Score

4-Tier Process

Stage 1:

Steadiness, resourcing tools, psychoeducation, safeness.

Stage 2:

Clarity, Self-inquiry, Pattern recognition, Self-worth, Compassion, unpacking.

Stage 3:

Growth, Reorienting, Rebuilding a new model, pattern change

Stage 4:

Shifting centres, learnings, creating, evaluating and installing new patterns

Anxiety and overwhelming stress are signals from our internal system that things have gone too far, built up over many years. Our thoughts race, our lives run on autopilot. Our mind and body “appear” to have a life of their own, disconnected from us.

Some examples of our experiences may include racing/unwanted thoughts, restlessness, imagining the worst, tight routines, social anxiety, fear of disappointing others, loss of creativity/adventure, anxious sleep, self-doubt.

Beneath these experiences are unresolved emotional charges that our bodies and unconscious mind carry. It shows up physically through panic/shallow breathing, increased heartrate, vigilant eyes, clicking jaw, frequent frowning, tight chest or solar plexus, hunched or withdrawn posture.

All of the above are our body’s survival strategy it had learned and these imprints live deep in our emotional, mental and physical landscape.

The work here involves taking a holistic approach towards healing.

1:1 Therapy & Coaching

  • Grounding Strategies
  • Self-Care Techniques
  • Regulating and Tracking the Nervous System
  • Releasing body armouring (and mental armouring)
  • Reprocessing memories
  • Ways to handle triggering
  • Relational Traumas
  • Emotional stability and mental clarity
  • Expanding window of capacity
  • Orienting towards nourishment
  • Family history and intergenerational traces
  • Authentic voice, self-worth, belonging

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1:1 Therapy & Coaching

£55 per hour session*
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What Others Say

“I have found a piece of myself once lost. It has been self care at its best and the wisdom offered will be carried throughout my life.” -Alex C

“I recommend working with her, it could change your life.” – Nisha S

There were significant shifts that may have just changed my direction in life. I can’t thank her enough.  “ – Daniel Mclaren

About Me

I’m Raneesha – a Therapist, Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Trauma Educator, Dancer and Lover of Life with my own lived experiences. I specialise in talking as well as somatic (embodied) approaches to psychological wellbeing and emotional trauma recovery.

Restoring calm, stability, and safeness in the body and mind is at the heart of my work.

I am a Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, Member of the Complementary Medical Association, a Mental Health First Aider and Licensed by MindfulnessNow which is approved by the British Psychological Society.

Qualifications and background can be found here.

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If you prefer to email me directly, it’s connect@radiant-roots.co.uk