Loosen the hold of Stress & Anxiety.

We move Towards Presence when we step back to see the real picture behind our stresses, chip away the unhelpful stuff, nurture the helpful stuff, and make way for deeper, creative resources to move through.

Mindfulness Towards Presence aims to harness this in a 1:1 setting.

1:1 Mindfulness Towards Presence supports you to loosen the grip of stress and tap into your own strength and resource. Through these sessions, we explore the hooks or blocks and work through them using mindfulness and body-mind awareness.

Our mind and our body hold within them intelligence that continuously communicate with us through tightened feelings, contracted sensations, shallow breaths, posture, unconscious habits. By learning to track them, we begin to understand the needs of our wellbeing and tap into natural strength.

What to expect:

  • We explore where you are at present.
  • Tap into the cause-effect model – what caused the misalignments you’re experiencing
  • Learn mindfulness exercises suitable to you to strengthen your Presence Muscle.
  • We observe what comes up and navigate that together.

Suitable for :

  • Unhelpful thoughts
  • Uncontainable emotional waves
  • Unhelpful beliefs – unworthiness, low self-esteem, distrust.
  • All/None of the above; you just want to have a healthier relationship with yourself.

1:1 Mindfulness Towards Presence supports you to:

  • Understand and make sense of your experience :
    the why behind the inner disconnect which manifests as anxiety, stress, etc.
  • Grow your Presence Muscle through mind-body exercises
    (mindfulness, mindful emotional integration & mindful embodied practices)
  • Build a healthy, compassionate relationship with yourself
  • Feel encouraged, challenged and supported with inner blocks while learning to rewire yourself

Here is some of what one can feel capable of after sustained practice:

  • Intentionally harness one’s attention towards a chosen task
  • Expand one’s emotional window of tolerance
  • Extract the underlying message behind multilayered thoughts
  • Develop self-compassion
  • Connect with oneself and all of life

This list could go on. Here’s an article about Mindfulness and How It Works.

Mindfulness & Body-Mind practices are suitable for many, though may not be suitable for some. We assess this together in our initial conversation to see if these practices could potentially benefit you (if they don’t, I would signpost you to resources that may be a better fit).

Initial Session: Free

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All sessions adhere to Confidentiality

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Returning Sessions

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Frequency: Weekly or Biweekly
Cost: £17* per session
(Reduced Cost active until January 2021)
All sessions adhere to Confidentiality

Due to the financial impact of COVID-19 on many, a reduced fee of £17 has been set which will stay active until January 2021.


  • Good internet connection
  • Computer/laptop with camera and microphone
  • Live in the UK

Disclaimer: Please note, sessions are not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor, mental health professional, or other health care professionals. Mindfulness is recognised as a form of “complementary therapy” and has the potential to bring positive changes such as information and guidance. I provide support to the best of my abilities, but any resulting choices and changes remain the individual’s personal and legal responsibility.

About Me

I am a meditation practitioner, mindfulness mentor and advocate of inner wellbeing. I draw from modern science (neuroscience, psychology, trauma, natural science) and eastern spirituality (meditation, Indian arts, yoga). Read my story here